onebutton1 started as an Event Planner/Personal Assistant business that included a few custom gifts...

I started sewing at an early age. I actually started when my mother noticed I had a few issues with Math, fractions, but that I liked working with arts, crafts and organizing and sewing has all three. Well from High School Grad to College Grad to working for a major Corporation, it worked, but Corporate America decided to leave me, so now I have come full circle.

I am the owner of onebutton1, LLC. I am a certified DBE in Conference/Event organizing and because of the new changes within our Society in the year of 2020, I had to make a few changes.

I am a licensed vendor for IOTA PHI LAMBDA, Inc. Sorority and OMEGA PSI PHI, Inc. Fraternity. I offer COMFY Recovery boxes, a Mardi Gras sampler bag, Non-Medical masks that are homemade and custom items for Texas Southern University with their permission. I am the supplier, vendor, market/office personnel and the packaging/handling person. I am ALL within my business. I am pleased that you have taken the time to visit me on the WEB at

DBE Services:
onebutton1, LLC, applied for and received its’ DBE Certification in July 2018 as a Convention & Trade Show Organizer (Event Planner). As mentioned before, things have changed, so going forward, I can work with your organization in planning virtual meetings and/or vendor showings, with box lunches for the registered attendees.